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Special dates like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and even corporate events need to have something awesome as a gift to keep the good memories. Everyone likes a good joke and we all could use a little bit of humor. 

Coloring books for adults, notebooks with inspiration for every day of the year, funny and unusual T-shirts for men and women and anyone in between, fun journal for kids and their friends to get to know each other, decals and much more—that is not a full list of products. Don’t see what you need? can create a custom thing of any complexity to preserve the good memories. Contact.


Media, apparently, writes stories and headlines for morons. Making fun of that is what Mediamorons is about. When you see those headlines in the media, you can’t help but yell: “What a stupid son of a b*tch!”

With only a thousand dollars and an existential crisis Mirra Vladi manages to buy property in Big Sur, write and sell a movie script, found a growing international company, and cause a state revolution. But the latter is totally by accident.

Rated as 1 of 1000 best dark humor books on Amazon. What most writers go through. The ones that don’t are dead. Press release of the book is available here. Find out the secret details no one knows.

Сатира и черный юмор. Книга на русском языке. Короткие и очень короткие истории. Смешные истории на каждый день.

Можно продать что угодно с хорошим пиаром, Даже если продаешь подержанную одежду как роскошный бренд. Даже если модельер на самом деле подделка. Но проект в последний момент идет не по плану. 

Positive coloring book for adults needing a boost. Stay positive everyday with these simple affirmations—adjectives that you really are. Smart. Beautiful. Funny. Kind. Caring. Honest. Confident.

Anti-stress coloring book for adults tired of b#!!$%t. 7 main curse words by George Carlin. Color 7 words and instantly feel better. Laugh and be creative with colors. Big city stress and anxiety relief.

International pet passport. Dog & Cat Pet Passport. All information in 1 place. Vaccination Record. Surgical Intervention & Medication. Dehelmentization. Veterinarian Certificate of Health.

Blank pages notebook and planner with inspiration quote Something awesome happens this day on each page. Do something new, fun, simple, interesting, different 365 days a year every day.

Utilisation de l’Internet, y compris des réseaux sociaux, pour les buts de marketing en Ukraine (French Edition).