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Full-cycle production of projects from start to finish. New York City & worldwide.

Mila Ilkova is a New York based writer with international experience in journalism and creative storytelling. One of her books, Password: Dress, can be found, besides bookstores, at the library of Columbia University and Princeton University. Mila lived in France, survived 2 revolutions in Ukraine, and dated in New York. Still not sure which is worst. She’s a sucker for a good stand-up comedy.

create something awesome with mila ilkova

Sponsoring art you become awesome.

Sponsor Mila Ilkova to launch the best promo campaign duo. Reach the most numerous audience in New York City & the world—singles. They are lonely, desperate, insecure, and are ready to use your brand to feel better. The promo campaign duo of your brand and a book by Mila Ilkova will be seen by over 5.6 million people in NYC daily. And what NYC sees today the whole world sees the following day.

The promo campaign duo consists of radio commercial and outdoor advertising (a 4-week intensive campaign), a special mention of the sponsor in the book trailer, 10 copies of paperback for free, a special thank you note in the Acknowledgment section of the book, and an invitation to the book presentation party. For not-so-big-$$$ projects that only need collaboration like once or twice—YouTube sponsorship is available. 

Brand exposure in NYC & worldwide. Be automatically different— create something awesome with Mila Ilkova.

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If sponsorship is not your cup of tea, you can always send a dick picture or a cat video—all are equally valuable. Or donate $18 the old-fashioned way via PayPal here

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