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Rejection Letters of Book Agents press release

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rejection letters of book agents
Rejection Letters of Book Agents
Rejection Letters of Book Agents with comments. 1 of 1000 best dark humor books on Amazon. Oh, yes it is!

The funniest book no one’s telling you about hit the bookshelves on April 1st, 2023.

No joke. Haven’t you heard yet?

What most writers go through. The ones that don’t are dead.

A collection of rejection letters from predominantly New York book agent—see what they look like because they are real; so are comments that represent a whole storyline of the author living her life while receiving rejection letters from agents.

From the funniest book

I went to Central Park today and saw an addict on a bench cooking dope. And they say New Yorkers don’t like to cook and always order delivery.


“Perfect summer read on the beach or during transit.”


“The author has a great sense of humor, and I guess that is the best way to survive 225 rejection letters! A good deal of mocking the absurdity of form rejection letters, mixed with a healthy dose of astute observations / reflections on love, sex, relationship, politics and living in NYC.”


“The rejection letters are predictable; the comments are clever.”

Dark humor book – hilarious as hell.

The book became an actual project after the author hit the mark of 200 rejections from book agents. That by itself hit the record in contemporary fiction/comedy category. No one got that many rejections that many times, even after being signed up by a book agent.

The corresponding title as the most rejected author was filed with Guinness World Records. Let’s see if there’ll be a rejection there too. Ha! 

In the meantime, the book started as a joke; and soon enough it’ll be at the Library of Congress. Isn’t it hilarious indeed? 

Fun fact: Comments to rejection letters in the book were created with the author’s personal font, which is her actual handwriting.

Read. Laugh. Leave a review.


About the author

Mila Ilkova is a New York based writer with international experience in journalism and creative storytelling. Rejection Letters of Book Agents is her 7th title. One of her books, Password: Dress, can be found, besides bookstores, at the library of Columbia University and Princeton University. Mila lived in France, survived 2 revolutions in Ukraine, and dated in New York. Still not sure which is worst. She’s a sucker for a good stand-up comedy.

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